Fifty Trees Suitable for Bonsai in Delhi Botanical Name Common Name Remarks
1. Ficus Virens/ Infectoria Pilkhan Hardy. Leaf size reduces with training.
2. Ficus Religiosa Peepal Hardy. Reluctant to put out branches.Prone to scale.
3. Ficus Religiosa var. Paras Peepal Hardy.Leaf size reduces with training.
4. Ficus Retusa/microcarpa Chilkhan Hardy. Develops aerial roots at a young age.
5. Ficus Benjamina   Needs winter protection.Variegated variety also.
6. Ficus Nuda   Appreciates extra humidity and winter protection.
7. Ficus Panda   Hardy.Golden yellow leaves.
8. Ficus Nitida Indian Laurel Appreciates extra humidity and winter protection.
9. Ficus Longisland   Hardy.Responds well to pruning.
10. Ficus Glomerata Gular Semi-shade in summer.Prone to scale.
11. Ficus Tseila   Golden trunk. Prune only after3-4 pairs of leaves develop.
12. Ficus Benghalensis Barh,Bargad Hardy.Large leaves-suitable for large bonsai.
13. Morus Mulberry/Shehtoot Hardy.Cultivated and wild varieties.Fruiting.
14. Bougainvillea   Hardy.Flowering.Wire only soft branches.
15. Portulicaria Afra Jade Succulent.Water sparingly.Keep well pruned.
16. Diospyros Montana Basendu Small leaved,attractive bark.Responds to pruning.
17. Acacia sp. Subabul Hardy.Compound leaves that fold at night.Fast grower.
18. Hamaelia   Hardy.Flowers year round.Keep well pruned.
19. Malphigia Coccigera   Flowering.Remove leaves from the trunk and crooks of branches.
20. Juniperus Prostrata Juniper Repot in October,with minimum root disturbance.
21. Gmelina Hysterix   Hardy.Small leaved.Suitable for groups.
22. Calliandra Emarginata Powder puff Flowering.Wire only soft branches.
23. Callistemon Lanceolatus Bottlebrush Flowering.Large bonsai only.
24. Tamarindus Indica Imli Attractive compound leaves. Protect in winter.
25. Hibiscus Shoe flower Hardy.Flowering,but flowers too large for bonsai.
26. Lagerstroemia Indica Gulbahar Flowers on this year's growth during the monsoons. Wire only soft branches.
27. Pithocellobium Dulce Jungle Jalebi Hardy.Needs good sunlight.
28. Murraya Exotica Kamini A hedge plant with great potential. Wiring difficult.
29. Celtis Australis   Difficult to find as it grows only from seed. Likes full sun.
30. Schefflera   Shade in summer. Plenty of water.
31. Carissa Spinarum Karaunda Repot in spring with minimum root disturbance.
32. Casurina Equestifolia Jhau Keep top growth in strong check.
33. Lantana Camara Lantana Flowering. Wire only soft branches.
34. Clerodendron Enermi   Flowering hedge plant with a lot of potential.
35. Citrus Japonica China Orange Flowering and Fruiting.A good framework for the tree should be designed before looking for fruit.
36. Ehretia/Carmona Wax Malphigia Small leaved, flowering and fruiting.Lots of water. Winter protection.
37. Manikara Hexandra Khirni Hardy.Big leaves take time to reduce.
38. Duranta Repens   Hedge plant.Repot with minimum root removal.
39. Mimusops Elengi Maulsari Hardy.
40. Braaya   Flowering. Beautiful fissured bark.
41. Punica Granatum nana Dwarf Pomegranate Fruiting.Repot with minimum root removal.
42. Divi Divi   Attractive compound leaves. Suitable for groups.
43. Feronia Lemonia Wood Apple
44. Arundicaria Bamboo Repotted by removing old growth and planting a rhizome with growing points into the pot.
45. Nandina Domestica Heavenly Bamboo Cannot be pruned by cutting off the top.
46. Psidium Cattleianum Strawbwerry Guava Fruiting.
47. Brazilian Rain Tree   Lots of water. Winter protection.
48. Strebulus Asper Sand Paper Tree, Sewra Winter protection.
49. Ulmus sp. Chinese Elm
50. Pinus Roxburgii Pine, Chir Repot in December.