Movement is associated with line and closely related to balance.
The trunk-line is the core of the movement while root lines, branch lines and branch profiles also contribute.The stance of the tree has a considerable impact on the over all movement.

The tree below is planted on a rock. The angle that the rock makes with the ground and the line of the roots enhance the movement of the trunk. However the tree does not quite look natural.

Whether the movement is dynamic with strong angular changes or a gentle unwinding of curves, affects the mood of the tree and the image it conveys to the viewer. To make an integrated design the branch placement, primary branch lines and profiles created from secondary and tertiary branches should support the mood.

It should be clear that movement is a product of line and thrust.Here the trunk thrusts outwards from the rock, but then the energy of the curve is dissipated by the backward flow evident below.

However the thrust of the base is paralleled in the branch at A. This suggests an alternative to advance and integrate the design.