Thousands of species grow well in the different climatic zones of India but some species do not take kindly to root cutting and pruning. Yet others have peculiar growth habits that make it difficult to create convincing bonsai.Plants with the greatest potential are those with naturally small leaves, fruits and flowers, for these look automatically in scale in small bonsai pots.

Its best to start with trees that commonly grow in the area and climate you live in. Such trees need less effort to keep healthy and are forgiving of intensive training. Moreover their full grown kin around can act as models and sources of inspiration.

Most tropical trees that are hardy in more humid coastal areas can be classed as trees of medium difficulty in Delhi. They need protection in the hot dry summers and during the coldest part of winter.
Trees hardy in the mountains also require summer protection. We are fortunate to have cold winters that help some of these to survive.

In general with a rare tree let it survive in a large flower pot till its health convinces you it's ready for bonsai.

The king of flowering trees is the Bougainvillea in all its varieties and colours. It is hardy and can survive most mistakes. Repot in the monsoons and if wire is felt necessary, use it only on green branches as the wood is very brittle.Full sun keeps the growth compact and watering should be restricted, especially when its flowering.It should be pruned drastically after flowering. In the young state pruning for taper and ramifications is necessary even if it means losing the flower buds.
Lantana is another interesting tree that flowers easily. Its branches are extremely brittle so wire should never be used. Calliandra with its powder-puff flowers and strawberry buds is very attractive. The short-lived flowers should be removed as soon as they wither. Malphigia Coccigera has small crinkled flowers with a delicate smell. Lagerstroemia indica flowers in the monsoons and comes in three interesting colours.
Other flowering trees that may be tried are Murraya, Carmona, Braaya, Carissa or jangli karaunda, and gardenia.