It is essential to have an idea of how tall the finished bonsai will be so that trunk chops for taper are made at the right height.Similarly some idea of the future design should begin to germinate so that the best placed replacement branch is selected for extensions of the trunk.

Make a straight chop at first.Later, once the stub dies out, a careful tapered cut (along the red line) can be made.

Allow the new thinner trunk section to make quick growth, catching up to a believable taper, before chopping again.Be aware that rapid development can lead to straight,untapered segments that need to be incorporated into the final design.One trick is to allow the lowermost branches in this area a free run.

Straight,untapered section (2/3rd. from the base) being incorporated into the design.

The apex should be attended to when the tree is about 75% developed.

A new apex being developed to give the tree a domed outline.